Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Santo Contra Los Asesinos de Otros Mundos (2008)

A series of horrifying murders compel the authorities to seek help from the only person capable of stopping the homicidal rampage: Santo! The culprit is the evil Malkosh, an old enemy of justice, who demands an enormous ransom to end the bloodshed. His secret weapon is a hair-raising blob creature that is capable of swallowing a man whole. Dr. Bernstein is the only one able to defeat it, but he has been abducted, along with his daughter, by Boris Licur, an even more dastardly criminal. “The Man with the Silver Mask” has little time to lose before he can prevent this madman from getting control of the monster—and the world! Considered one of the most outrageous and surreal of the genre, this film is a must-see for all “Lucha Libre” fans!

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