Sunday, June 24, 2012

AVENGER X (1967) Rare Euro Spy

AVENGER X (1967)(aka Mister X)

Review: MISTER X, a mysterious thief and master of disguise and his ever lovely cohort, who steal more for the thrill than the having, are brought out of retirement to clear MISTER X's name. A evil crime lord has killed his girlfriend (who knew too much) and has pinned the rap on MISTER X. MISTER X becomes AVENGER X as he takes on the crime syndicate.

Lots of that '60s James Bond type super-spy type action. AVENGER X takes on various disguises, uses all sorts of nifty gadgets and there are plenty of fights and gunplay and danger and seduction as both the criminals and the cops get him in the squeeze play. Fullscreen, in English, no subtitles. Quality B+

Directed by: Piero Vivarelli
Starring: Joe Atlanta, Pier Paolo Capponi, and Helga Liné

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