Friday, January 6, 2012

Intrepidos Punks Dir. Francisco Guerrero (1980)

This film is a great discovery, a lot of fun with a gang of wild mexican punks headed by El Tarzàn (a masked fighter) and La Princesa Lea (vedette and amazon)who terrorize the highways and the cities, robbing banks dressed like sexy nuns, killing, rapping, blowing pipes of gas, mutilating dames of high society, all at rhythm of a great soundtrack rockantolero by Three Souls in my Mind, (yes, the title song is after all this years rolling in my head) And, yes, of course, two wiseguys cops are following their destructive traces to stop them (this two characters are really cool and dumb, yes) This picture is vertiginous, yes, the dialogues are really fun and surreal, the bikes and the punk dresses are great extravaganzas, a twisted and very fresh picture, and, yes, great great fun. A worth looking mexican film of the 80's.

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